Thursday, September 2, 2010

Farm life

Stolen credit cards and jewelry belonging to the slain Polk County organic farmers were taken by their 20-year-old son, leading authorities to determine that the son and his girlfriend plotted to kill his parents for money, officials said Wednesday.

"They were desperate for money, so robbery was the motive," Polk County Sheriff Bob Wolfe said.
A scythe and a metal pipe were used to kill David Scott Jondle, 61, and his wife, Marilyn Jondle, 58, who were found dead Tuesday morning in their home at 16055 Gilliam Road, about three miles south of Dallas.
Autopsies on Wednesday confirmed that David Jondle died from multiple stab wounds from a scythe, Wolfe said. Marilyn Jondle died from blunt-force trauma from a metal pipe. Both weapons were recovered at the farm, Wolfe said.
Late Tuesday morning, their son Andrew Jondle, 20, and his girlfriend, Cindy Lou Beck, 46, were arrested in a southeast Salem apartment complex.
Wolfe said Andrew Jondle and Beck conspired to kill the Jondles to get money.
Andrew Jondle acted alone in attacking his parents sometime Monday night between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. Credit cards and jewelry were taken to use for paying back rent, Wolfe said.
Beck helped dispose of Andrew Jondle's bloody clothing before the two were arrested Tuesday, Wolfe said. The next day, investigators were going through garbage piles to recover the evidence.
Beck was charged with hindering prosecution, as well as two counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated murder. Andrew Jondle is facing two counts of aggravated murder. Both are set to appear in Polk County Circuit Court today.
The Jondles moved to Oregon in 2000 from California after David Scott Jondle, a former Silicon Valley software engineer who often went by his middle name, decided to start a sustainable organic farm dedicated to the farming practices written by Joel Salatin. Salatin is a writer and farmer who dedicated himself to locally produced food and was featured in the book "The Omnivore's Dilemma."
The Jondles ran a well-known sustainable organic farm, Abundant Life Farm. Andrew Jondle was home-schooled by his mother and later worked for his parents on the farm.

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